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Hi! My name is Miki Company   ! It´s my real name so please stop sending me resumes :)

I was born on the small and sunny Ibiza, Spain. I am a passionate about art and videogames.

I work as a environment artist at the Indie game Skara the blade remains. Prior to that I worked  as a 3d artist at Ubisoft Studios in Barcelona, on games like Your shape wii and PC, Motion Sports for kinect 360,Tintin and the secret of the unicorn  and Sports Connection for the Wii U.

I studied graphic design and then obtained a Master’s degree in 3D Computer Animation (MAISCA) Where I writed, Art Directed, modelled, animated etc etc..my first student shortfilm
A la deriva“.

On this site you have examples of a few of the things I do, on my spare time or at work. If you want to take a look at my CV you can check my Linkedin profile. You can also stay tuned to what I’m up to via my Twitter feed!





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